Manufacturing in the future will demand sustainable, resource-efficient automation processes. From industrial 5G to digital twin software to IoT, Electro-Matic hopes to transform Manufacturing with burgeoning technology applications and helping companies meet their strict project needs. Electro-Matic is a national leader in automation products. We value increasing productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality with every piece of automation equipment we sell. Integrating industrial software and automation, extending communication networks with components, and enhancing security specific to any business are only a handful of the potential automation solutions available. We cater to IT, Industrial Manufacturing, Financial groups, and so much more.

Our line of SIEMENS SIMATIC and SIPLUS products range from industrial controllers and I/O to advanced Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and industrial communications equipment. You can trust that Electro-Matic can find the products necessary for your unique application because we love industrial automation and strive to drive digital transformation in new, innovative ways.

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