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EMElectro-Matic Products, Inc. was founded in 1969 with a simple goal to be a leader in the supply of high technology automation components and services. Electro-Matic has grown with its customers, rapidly changing to meet new technology requirements and provide the latest in industrial automation solutions. Today, Electro-Matic provides innovative products & solutions that are supported by our three business units. Each Business Unit offers a broad selection of featured products such as:

Visual & Special Products
  •   • Indoor / Outdoor Electronic LED Message Centers
  •   • Indoor / Outdoor LED Lighting Products
  •   • Electrical Terminal Blocks
  •   • Remote Access Ports
  •   • Electrical / Mechanical Slip Rings

Automation Products
  •   • Siemens Motion Products
  •   • S7-1200 Processor

Connectivity Products
  •   • Intercontec Speedtec
  •   • Yamaichi Y-Con Industrial Ethernet
Siemens Electro-Matic Products Inc is an authorized distributor of Siemens Industry, Inc. for the State of Michigan and northern Ohio and is not authorized to sell Siemens outside of this geographical area.

Our Vendors